Grace is a cutie, and with the smile she radiates you have facilitated her life and her path becoming something and someone very special. I know you are driven by the ideal that what can be done for the betterment of the human race through empowering millions of Graces in this world. An extraordinary positive application of AI when most are only interested in defrauding the public in order to serval and control them.


Congratulations on your achievement. Worth every bit of perseverance.


Hi Fran, I see that Frasil has launched in the app store! I look forward to checking it out!


Amazing!!!! You can see how Grace loves it, it is incredible. Congratulations Fran.


Beautiful Fran. Thanks for sharing. You have built a great business which helps and will help everyone it touches – well done!


You are an amazing woman of great strength, you are a driving force and deserve a settled outcome.


Thanks Fran, Happy New Year to you. We have just got to keep on what we believe in, stay strong and well. Hope to catch up when this pandemic allows.

Joe & Maureen

That’s so gorgeous and exciting Fran, thank you for sharing. I’m super frustrated I haven’t been able to access and trial Frasil with my clients as I’d planned. All the best in 2021 to you.


Hi Fran, thank you for sharing your success with us. Congratulations on your achievements. We wish you Happy and Healthy 2021.

Rosa and Arthur

Brilliant work Fran. You have worked so hard, and should feel so very proud.


Hi Fran, Grace is loving picking her things for her school bag. Once I’ve changed the photo though, it doesn’t say it anymore she can only send it to me. Is this going to be part of the new update? Thanks so much for the new iPad, she loves it.


In touching base with Emma, she has raved about the “new” Frasil! Grace just loved the My School and went straight to My Classroom, a huge Hit! She wanted you to know.