Frasil allows you to be you

Frasil is the technology that makes the world more accessible.

Frasil gives you the ability to access a world of digital and online tools. 

Because Frasil is you. 

When you are connected you have the opportunity to make more choices about who you connect with, the way you express yourself, and who you want to be.

Make the change!

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What is Frasil?

Frasil allows you to contribute to society through your ability to work, through your relationships and through your creativity.

That’s why Frasil exists.

A browser-based solution that empowers people living with disabilities to connect and engage with their community on their terms.

It’s not just about showing what the world has to offer. 

It’s about showing the world that this is me.

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How Frasil works?​

Frasil is an incredible program that includes 12 Apps and is Empowered by m.e., its Machine Empathy engine.

Frasil gives you access to the world – Netflix, sport, news, all your favorite TV shows and movies, music, books, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and much much more.

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Frasil gives you the world​


Simple access to Netflix, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify etc

MyInternet and Email

Simple access to Google and email

MyFamily and Friends

Simple and immediate access to connect to your family and friends by phone, email, Skype


Control the devices, windows, doors, lights and appliances around your home


Allows you to say how you are feeling


The device will talk for you when you cannot or when it is difficult


Allows you to choose what you want to eat, what you want to wear and what you want to do


Allows you to communicate urgent immediate needs – “I want to pee now”


Allows you to say what physical assistance you need – “Please adjust my glasses”

MyWork and School

Organize your daily routine


Simple access to assistive tools


Simple access to government services


Assistance to complete disability plans for government support


Simple access for all your shopping needs

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About Us​

Frasil is the outcome of the dream of its Founder, Fran.

You’ll notice Frasil is a lot like you. 

Empowered by its Machine Empathy engine, Frasil is your digital friend that is happy when you’re happy, and knows when you are not. 

Frasil is perfectly in tune with you. 

You see, you’re the “me” in Frasil.

Frasil is a digital buddy that lets you explore the online world in safety. 

With Frasil, the internet is an adventure without the danger. Oh the places you’ll go!

Make the change!

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frasil kids play

Frasil Community

Welcome to Frasil’s community page. Please tell us your story.

48 thoughts on “Frasil Home”

  1. Hi, I hear d that the frasil application works for those that do not have touch or speaking capabilities. Can you explain how this works?

  2. Today I am starting to reach out to people and sharing my excitement for PLWD as they can now take control of their choices

  3. After 10 years Frasil is finally here! It has been a very long journey but some amazing people have been involved to make Frasil a brilliant technology for all people living with disabilities.

  4. Frasil works through, with each user, if their choice of clothing is seen as a barrier for PLWD in the workplace. Frasil is all about choice so each person can participate in selecting their appropriate work clothes just like most people do every day.

  5. I read an article today published on March 8th by Bernard Marr. Can Machines and Artificial intelligence be creative? Frasil certainly believes that it can be and used in a way that protects users and is a new and superior form of communication in real time for PLWD using Frasil

  6. Frasil has been approved by both Apple and Google and is now going through its final testing with Deloitte before release to the global market.

  7. Frasil is in both the Google and Apple App stores going through the acceptance stage and should be available in 3 weeks to purchase.

  8. Comments on the Frasil technology after a presentation at a school for disabled children 28th February. With 180 students where 85% have communication issues
    ‘Cool man, fantastic, like the black and white interface, easy use, WOW WOW!”
    Very humbling but extremely rewarding

  9. Greg and Fran met with Tony today who is the full partner of Governor Schwarzenegger and finalised the events. Tony is one of the genuine good guys.

  10. Frasil is sponsoring the Arnold Schwarzenegger inclusive sports day on Friday 20th of March and Frasil will continue as an exhibitor until Sunday 22nd March.

  11. Hi Fran and Greg 🙂 Thanks for the visit this morning. It was lovely to meet you and find out about Frasil. It sounds great.
    Beth (Logo Works)

    • It was a pleasure to meet with you Beth and Greg and I look forward to continuing to work with you. Have a wonderful weekend Beth.

  12. The Frasil videos on Frasil’s website are deliberately uncut so all family members, support works and professionals can see and understand how simple and uncomplicated The Frasil’ navigation works because Frasil is intuitive.

  13. Frasil’s Full program will carry access to 250++ assistive tools. However the aim of Frasil is to try and reduce costs to use assistive tools. Great initiative Frasil!

  14. Frasil’s screens are the result of a lot of collaboration from people living with disability to ensure Frasil is built for them.

  15. Frasil is a game changer, with the potential to improve the lives of people living with disabilities, as well as millions of others.


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Latest News

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The Arnold Sports Festival Australia is proud to bring you an Inclusive Sports Festival in 2020 showcasing a broad range of sporting activities for people with physical and mental disabilities.

The Frasil Inclusive Sports Festival will be held in 2020 as part of the 6th annual Arnold Sports Festival Australia at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Victoria. It will not only entertain and amaze with elite competition from the likes of AFL Wheelchair, but will also feature a huge variety of sports and sporting activities that are accessible for people with a wide range of physical and mental disability. The Frasil Inclusive Sports Festival highlights the philosophy of event founder Arnold Schwarzenegger, who started the worldwide event to inspire people to get active, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or indeed disability.

It will be held in conjunction with:

  • Disability Sport & Recreation Victoria
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • Special Olympics Victoria
  • Paralympics Australia
  • Gymnastics Victoria
  • AFL Victoria ( Victorian AFL Football league )
  • AFL Victoria ( Balloon Football league )
  • Handball Australia ( Wheelchair Handball )
  • Scope Australia
  • YMCA
  • Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association ( VEWSA )
  • SPIRE ( Spinal Injury & Research Network )


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  • Level 12, 111 Elizabeth Street
    Sydney, NSW 2000