The benefits Frasil offers

Control the devices, windows,
doors, lights and appliances
around your home

Allows you to say how
you are feeling

Allows you to communicate urgent, immediate needs –
“I want to pee now”

Organise your daily routine

Simple and immediate access to
connect to your family and friends
by phone, email, Skype

Simple access to Google
and email

Allows you to say what physical
assistance you need – “Please
adjust my glasses”

Allows you to choose what you want
to eat, what you want to
wear and what you want to do

Simple access to
assistive tools

Simple access to
government services

The device will talk for you when
you cannot or when it is difficult

Assistance to complete disability
plans for government support

Simple access for all your
shopping needs

Simple access to Netflix, Google,
YouTube, Instagram, Facebook,
Spotify etc

Thanks to
Aspirante Foundation

Frasil is the technology
that makes the world
more accessible

Enjoy Frasil for Free