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Grace is a 4-and-a-half-year-old girl living with a rare muscular condition. Frasil is a technology that Grace is able to use with ease to help her to communicate with her family and run her household, making her own choices on how she wants to live each day.

For the past 2 years Grace has been using an adult wheelchair as it has been the only one available. This is a very important time for Grace to learn about the world around her, make friends and get the support she needs to allow her to be the spirited child that she is. Please donate and help support little Grace get the children size wheelchairs that she needs!

To Jackie and her team lead by Anthea what an experience it has been for Frasil to work with such amazing people. And your patience Jackie over many years was incredible. I would ring up and say Frasil’s coming and you would say OK. I look forward to it.

You were stuck with us, trialling everything over a 5 year period. Amazing. All be it for COVID-19 we would now be working with your team of wonderful people living with disabilities. We are ready to go and deliver Frasil to all those who participated as soon as it is safe to do so. Jackie, it has been a real experience for me and on behalf of the Frasil team we are looking forward to a long relationship going forward with Flintwood.

Fran thanking Flintwood, Castle Hill NSW

Greg Bergan and your team at Creativity were amazing. They gave Frasil an insight into the difficulties that can be encountered working with one-on-one with people living with disabilities. The Frasil App is better for it.

Fran thanking Creativity Inc, Hillsdale, NSW

Carol, I have watched you go from strength to strength in your leadership for MND in both Australia and on a global scale. Over many years you have put up with me annoying you and constantly seeking for ways to ensure that Frasil would indeed work for people with MND. As soon as COVID-19 allows the Frasil family is excited to work with the MND family.

Fran thanking MND Australia, Gladesville

Tony and Carol, what an experience you gave us working with mature adults with disabilities. We found it quite challenging and gave us a different perspective of what needed to be developed in Frasil to accommodate mature needs. We look forward to visiting.

Fran thanking Challenge Southern Highlands, Mittagong